S.P. Torre Alfina Km 1,200 - 01021 Acquapendente (VT)

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Il Cerqueto S.r.l. is an agri-food company located in the Upper Tuscia region of Lazio, with her headquarters in Acquapendente (VT). Cerqueto was founded in 2001 as an enterprise to professionaly sell typical and organic products, focusing on the market of Italian legumes and cereals, that are specifically grown and harvested in our region. The company operates the entire supply chain: from cultivation, to selection, processing, packaging and marketing of the products. We guarantee thereby the traceability and quality of all materials and processes used.


Il Cerqueto s.r.l. is a company created out of the desire to market the products of our and many other, smaller, farms. We are now able to meet the growing demands of the various segments of the market, stipulating contracts for cultivation with local farms Italian. It is exactly through a direct relationship with local farmers that Cerqueto can guarantee a quality product.


The conservation and enhancement of traditional Tuscia products are the guiding principles of the work of the Cerqueto company. Its strength is undoubtedly the continuous search for local farmers and laboratories that produce legumes and cereals. Over time, the range of products has been extended with pasta, oil, paté, olive oil, jams, honey, vegetable-based preparations, wines and liqueurs, composing an extensive catalog of delicacies and local specialties.


Il Cerqueto srl sustains the enhancement of our territory in collaboration with local authorities. An event of noteworthy importance was the Expo in Milan, year 2015, were we presented the project ‘The invisible cities’ for the Lazio Region. The project has aroused considerable interest from national and international consumers. Other events in recent history are the ‘Salone del Gusto di Torino’, ‘Mia di Rimini’ and ‘Cibus di Parma’. All events in which Cerqueto participated as a partner of the Lazio region and other institutions.